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Linda Johnson
Telephone: (+61 3) 5995 7147

Welcome to GiDay Standard Poodles. We are proud to present Poodles excelling in all disciplines!
We strive above all else for wonderful temperaments: that of an extremely joyful, intelligent and willing-to-please personality.

"HAVING BRED JUST 19  LITTERS OVER THE PAST 25  YEARS, our Poodles have attained over 250 titles &/or Certificates, in 3 countries, in Conformation, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Tracking, Hunting Retrieving, Endurance, Search & Rescue, Therapy Dog & Assistance Dog"

All GiDay Poodles are health tested and found normal for Eyes, Hips, VWD (by DNA sample), Skin and Thyroid function. We breed on average just one litter per year.

Pups are raised indoors in our busy household and from birth are exposed to all manner of household noises, i.e. vacuum cleaner, telephone, TV.


They play and interact daily with men, women, small children and other dogs. They are taken for car rides and groomed every few days from birth. House training and crate training begin as soon as the pups are on their feet. We find that this intensive early socialisation assists them in adjusting to their new homes.

In order to assist us in matching the right pup with the right home, we have our pups professionally temperament tested at the age of 7 weeks. They are microchipped for permanent identification, wormed and vaccinated. Our pups are usually all spoken for before they are born. If you wish to be on our waiting list you may contact us through the email link above.

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